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To arrange is also to disturb. For his 6th disc as a leader, Movies & Gypsies, the violinist, composer and arranger Pierre Blanchard deconstructs iconic musical themes from cinema, lending them the breath of gypsy jazz."The Godfather, Schindler's List, Cinema Paradiso, The Thomas Crown Affair"... so many major sound works revisited during the 12 titles of the album, thanks to different processes. " For"Schindler's List" for example, the original melody deployed over ten notes has been extended over three octaves, to increase its lyrical power tenfold", illustrates Pierre Blanchard.

“When I'm up there in the high register, I improvise and go down in sound levels to find the original melody. »

Another way to deconstruct the instrumentation: organize a game of hide and seek between the original melody and the improvisation times. The reference theme fades away to give way to frenzied choruses, before reappearing in small touches and asserting itself, as inThe Godfather. But also in"Singing In The Rain", where the composition of Nacio Herb Brown is drowned under a torrent of blue notes, which carry a feeling of joy. In the ears, the solo violin jumps, capers: we are carried away by the swing; the song comes out dusted. Everything as the theme of"Love Story", of which almost nothing remains of the original in the statement, then diverted into bossa gypsy. "With this album, I tried to make new with old, by exploiting neglected nuggets", summarizes Pierre Blanchard, who selected the film music as a favorite. "Especially the dreamy tunes, which transport me," he says.

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