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At least 3 rehearsals are necessary to familiarize the orchestra with certain "jazzy" parts of the repertoire.

1) Orchestra alone: reading of the repertoire and development of bowing, orchestra alone


2) Orchestre et rythmique.  

3) General rehearsal with all participants


Backline (provided by the organizer for the gypsy band)



1 NEUMANN TLM series static microphone

1 direct box 1 acoustic amp, FISHMAN Loudbox type, AER

Compact 60 or ROLAND AC

1 violin stand

1 wireless talk mic with switch.

2 acoustic amps, type ROLAND AC 60 or AER Compact 60,
2 microphones type SM 57 or Static Mics type NEUMANN KM 184
2 direct boxes
2 guitar stands


Accordion / accordina:
2 microphones for right and left hands AKG 414
1 mic for Accordina AKG 414 1 wireless announcement microphone with switch.
1 direct box

1 ROLAND KC series type keyboard amp or AER ACOUSTIC amp

1 Gallien-Krueger, Aguilar, Acoustic Image, Ampeg amp (combo or top) Speaker size: 1x12” or 2x10” or 4x10” (not 15” please!).
Please raise the amp approx. 70cm. (the flight case is usually suitable, covered with a black fabric)
1 Microphone on a small stand placed in front of the instrument: Electro-voice RE 20, Neumann TLM 170/TLM 103, Akg 414 or DPA 4099B with clip for bass 1 active direct box.



2 different types of reverb and 5 separate channels.

2 chairs
2 medium bar stools
3 music stands

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